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Family Home

Providing Experiences With Family

The Family Home Program was developed to offer adults who have a developmental disability an opportunity to live as part of a family. A family home environment provides people with the experiences of sharing a home within their community. It is a flexible service that matches individuals with developmental disabilities with people who can provide a caring, stable home environment. 

The supports offered are tailored to each situation and take into consideration the unique qualities and needs of everyone involved.  It is an alternative for individuals who have identified that they want to share their lives with others in a family setting and be involved in their community.

Being A Family Home

No professional qualifications are necessary, but anyone wishing to provide support in their home must be a responsible, caring person or family, and successfully complete the application, screening and orientation process. The home must also meet Fire and Health Inspections.

We seek a variety of families or individuals who will welcome someone into their home and provide them with the support, care and guidance that is unique to the individual in an inclusive family setting. Previous experience; although an asset, is not necessarily required since people often have skills acquired in raising a family, in their own job, in their volunteer work or other community involvement which are valuable assets in becoming Family Home providers. Community Living strives for a successful “match” based on compatible lifestyles, values, hobbies, interests and the providers ability to provide the level of care and support the individual needs.

We Will Help and Support You

Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley offers professional support and training for all family home providers.  Partnerships with other community services are made where necessary to meet the individual’s needs.  Respite Services are included to provide the Family Home Provider short term relief on an intermittent or regular basis. will provide the necessary orientation and training required to become a Family Home Provider.


Funding is allocated to the individual by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to which Community Living is a transfer payment agency. Remuneration for care and support is provided in addition to the compensation for room and board that is paid by the individual. 

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