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Minister Jaczek Announces Employment and Modernization Fund Project

Minister Jaczek Announces Employment and Modernization Fund Project at Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley

Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Community and Social Services chose Pembroke as her location to announce the province's Employment and Modernization Fund Project, with Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley.  The Minister visited on October 12. This was her first visit to Pembroke. 

The Minister toured several residential properties that allow individuals supported by Community Living to live independently. Jaczek also learned about the Valley Housing project that will support inclusive living accommodations for nine additional people with intellectual disabilities in the community.

“We organized this event as a way to provide Minister Jaczek with an overview of the work that we are doing around quality enhancement and housing,” explained Chris Grayson, Executive Director of Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley. “We are currently looking to sell three properties and assist the individuals move to more inclusive community spaces, many of which are created through partnerships developed with local entrepreneurs.”

The Valley Housing project is one of 38 being funded by the Employment and Modernization Fund.

 “I see Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley taking practical steps into the movement away from the group home living model,” said Minister Jaczek. “Things have to keep progressing and that’s what I see the agency has done in terms of inclusion.  I am a huge supporter of independent living to the extent possible with appropriate supports and individual choice.”

The Minister also praised inclusive employers.

"It helps the rest of the community get to know about people with developmental disabilities," she said. "It is a win-win for both the employer and employee.  That’s the next frontier as I see it; getting everyone to understand the opportunities for all of us.”

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