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What is LifeShare?

Through LifeShare, Ontario families and citizens (home providers) can offer a safe and nurturing environment for adults with developmental disabilities (home sharers). LifeShare (also known as host family) is so much more than providing a room in your home. Being a home provider means you’re giving someone with a developmental disability “a place in your heart, a place in your home.”

People with developmental disabilities are active participants in their communities. They can be athletes, artists, employees, advocates, community volunteers, neighbours and friends. They’re an important part of the community and contribute to the strength of our province. LifeShare helps adults with developmental disabilities, who are 18 and older, live as independently as possible in their communities.

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The History and Mission of LifeShare

The FamilyHome program, LifeShare, started in 1984, as part of the Ministry of Community and Social Service’s commitment to provide a range of services for adults 18 and older with developmental disabilities. Over time, the name of the program changed but the overall goals of LifeShare have remained constant:

  • Provide adults with developmental disabilities a home-like setting with a sense of family, safety, continuity and security
  • Promote a high quality of life
  • Support community involvement, social inclusion, individual choice, independence, rights and responsibilities

Who is involved?

There are currently more than 70,000 adults in Ontario with developmental disabilities
As of 2016, approximately 18,000 people with developmental disabilities receive government-funded residential supports:

  • 57% are part of traditional supported group living residences or intensive support residences
  • 34% are part of supported independent living programs or specialized accommodation
  • 9% participate in LifeShare (also known as host family)


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More Information

If you’d like more information about sharing your life with someone, contact Stephanie Moss by email or call 613-735-0659.