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Celebrating Community Living Month

Spotlight on Our Employees For 2020 Campaign

It's definitely a different kind of celebration, but Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley (CLUOV) is moving forward with recognizing Community Living Month in Ontario. While some activities have been curtailed due to COVID-19, they will be continuing with their 31 Days of Inclusion Facebook campaign.

For the past several years, CLUOV's Facebook campaign has featured a "story" every day on their page - The themes have varied throughout the year and this year the agency's employees are sharing their stories about working at Community Living.

Every day in May, a short story will be posted that will feature a reason why one of Community Living's 150 employees loves their job. Employees vary across the agency from Community Living Workers to administrative staff, and experiences vary from personal achievement to how the workplace has struck a deeper connection.

You can follow along on the daily stories by following the Facebook page or visiting it daily. The site again is


Tina Williams, Executive Director