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Community Living Earns International Award: First For Canada

Chris Grayson, Executive Director (right) and Tina Williams, Quality Enhancement Manager (left) and accept the 2017 CQL International Award of Excellence

Chris Grayson, Executive Director (right) and Tina Williams, Quality Enhancement Manager (left) and accept the 2017 CQL International Award of Excellence

Community Living Receives 2017 CQL International Award of Excellence
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana - Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley (CLUOV) has been honoured with a 2017 International Award of Excellence by The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

The International Award of Excellence is being presented to CLUOV in recognition of their work to build an inclusive community. Among their accomplishments include: helping create more inclusive residential settings, moving away from segregated community programming and engaging the community on how to include individuals with intellectual disabilities in their workplaces, organizations and volunteer initiatives. CLUOV is the first Canadian organization to receive this award.

“Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley was the first agency in Canada to achieve the Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation with Distinction, with our agency," says Mary Kay Rizzolo, President and CEO of CQL. "They have completely deserved this International Award of Excellence for the innovative work they are doing for the successes they are having with the people they support. Considering that they are the only agency in Canada with that designation demonstrates just how committed they are to cutting-edge, person-centered approaches."

For CLUOV, the award signifies their commitment of both financial and staffing resources to develop authentic living environments that connect people to their communities. They have built new relationships and have moved away from traditional property ownership by the service provider, while still holding itself to the highest standards of quality.

"I am so proud of our organization and staff for making such strong commitments to inclusion," says Chris Grayson, Executive Director for Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley. "So many people who receive support from our agency have a positive quality of life built on relationships, opportunities and by making real contributions as citizens.  We have momentum. We are not a status quo organization. We have demonstrated repeatedly that we are relentless in doing the right things for the right reasons."

"Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley is an example of a community-minded organization that is truly walking the talk in connecting people with intellectual disabilities to their community," says Chris Beesley, Chief Executive Officer of Community Living Ontario. "They are doing that in ways that promote respect, dignity and recognition of the contributions each person can make, given the opportunity to do so. The CQL International Award of Excellence is well deserved recognition of this fact. While accolades are important, I know what really motivates them is the support they provide people to live good and valued lives within the community."

CLUOV has been at the forefront of innovative service provision for many years. They hosted an Innovative Housing Symposium which brought together over 100 delegates from across the province; and where government staff, developers, and municipal council members discussed new approaches to inclusive living.

Additional information about the awards and the recipients can be found on the 2017 CQL conference website: