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Kelly Walker Comes to Pembroke

Kelly Walker, a motivational speaker, musician and expert on change and transition is coming to Pembroke. Walker is offering two workshops - both free to the community.

Working Happiness: A new perspective on work-life balance
Festival Hall, Pembroke
1:00pm to 3:00pm

If you have experienced burnout with your career, or you think one day you could feel that way, this workshop might be for you. Working Happiness: A new perspective on work-life balance, takes a look at how you can stay energized with your career and your work environment. Presented by Kelly Walker, an expert on transition and change, this seminar will be one you won’t soon forget. Walker’s mix of humour and music helps address issues that impact us as employees and employers. This could be two hours that changes your life.

Alive Again: From grief to new beginnings
Festival Hall, Pembroke
6:30pm: Social
7:00pm: Show Starts

When someone close to us dies, part of us dies too. Kelly Walker will explore the dynamics of grief, accompanying feelings and the mystery of inner re-adjustment that is part of the process. We will explore how as well the social dynamics of loneliness, re-integration and new relationships. Walker is one of Canada’s leading experts on questions of transition and change, and style of presenting brings even the most controlled audiences to their feet. 

Sponsored in part by Campbell Monument, Neville Funeral Home, Malcolm, Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home and Bereaved Families of Ontario.

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Phone: 613-735-0659