Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley894 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario K8A 5P8
Phone: 613-735-0659
Fax: 613-735-1373

Key Personnel

Management Team

Chris Grayson, Executive Director (Ext. 104)
Holly Tennian, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director (Ext. 220)
Donna Locke, Director of Supports and Services (Ext. 108)

Suzie Desjarlais, Service Coordinator (Ext. 116)
Nancy Healey, Service Coordinator (Ext. 103)
Stephanie Moss, Service Coordinator (Ext. 241)
Tina Williams, Director of Supports and Services & Quality Enhancement (Ext. 105)
Grace Brum, Director of Human Resources and Administration (Ext. 109)
Sherrie Haskin, Finance and Property Administrative Coordinator(Ext. 118)
Ashley Leedham, Supervisor (Ext. 229)  
Maureen McKinnon, Supervisor (Ext. 124)

Karen Brown, Supervisor (Ext. 223)
Jennifer Debenham, Supervisor (Ext 547)
Tricia Kettlewell, Supervisor (Ext 202)
Cassie Cooper, Supervisor (Ext.215)
Maegan Blackmore, Supervisor (Ext.505)

Board of Directors

Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who meet monthly to guide the operations of the organization. Each year new members are elected at our Annual General Meeting

Shelley O'Malley, Chair
Megan Evans, Vice Chair
Laura Mayo, Treasurer
Colleen Whittier, Secretary
Dave Marcus, Director
Keith Rae, Director
Bob Smith, Director
Elaine Neigel, Director
Matthew Conway, Director
Brian Gillespie, Director
Cameron Scott, Director
Avery Munro, Director