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Inspirational Stories

I Am Community Living is a campaign run during Community Living month in May. During that month the agency highlights the stories of some of our clients and staff and share the Community Living experience. These great stories are provided below:

Allan Garrah
Born in Gananoque, Allan moved to Pembroke from an institution in Smiths Falls where he had lived since he was a toddler. In 1978 Allan had the opportunity to join Community Living and he became connected with the local area. READ MORE of Allan's story here.


   Josh & Holly Woermke
Josh Woermke was born in Sudbury and moved to Laurentian Valley when he was three years old. He grew up in the area, attended Fellowes High School and had a co-op opportunity with Cassidy's Transfer and Storage which connected him to his passion for all things automotive. READ MORE of Josh and Holly's story here.

Jesse Crawford
Jesse Crawford was born into ranch family on Allumette Island, Quebec. He grew up working outside and took great pride in working with firewood. Jesse worked as part of his family's ranch for several years. He calls it "bush country" and it became a key part of his life. READ MORE of Jesse's story here.

Jeff Shand
Jeff grew up in Nova Scotia as part of a military
family. He moved several times as his father was
posted to different bases, and finally ended up in
Petawawa. The family decided to stay in the area after his father retired as all the family had deep connections and relationships here. That was
perhaps most true for Jeff. READ MORE of Jeff's story here.


Raina Flexhaug
Raina came to Pembroke from Calgary, Alberta when she was 17 years old. After graduation, she moved out on her own thanks to help from Community Living. For Raina, the connection to Community Living has been one that has really allowed her to fulfill the potential she had always felt was within her. READ MORE of Raina's story here.


Tabitha Pitchford
Tabitha Pitchford connected with Community Living in 2010 when she became their employee. In addition to her Developmental Services Worker designation, Tabitha had something more on her resume - she is a parent of a child with a visual impairment. "When parents say to me, "You just don't understand," I let them know that I actually do understand," says the mom of children aged 15, 12 and 8. READ MORE of Tabitha's story here.