Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley894 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario K8A 5P8
Phone: 613-735-0659
Fax: 613-735-1373

What is it like to work here?

This is what our employees say are some of the reasons they enjoy their work:

  • You make a difference in someone’s life everyday
  • Every day is different; there is a lot of diversity in your day
  • We help people live with dignity
  • There are lots of accomplishments with seeing people reach their goals
  • We work in teams so there is a lot of support and mentorship from other staff members
  • Your contribution is appreciated; you feel valued
  • You are in control of your career
  • We get to do a lot of fun activities!
  • There is no dress code or uniforms.

“I was blown away by the level of support from supervisor to team lead; everyone is awesome!”

We really are a team at Community Living! We build strength by working together and sharing experiences and opportunities. This is how our employees describe the team environment:

  • It’s a positive team environment – you’ll be supported
  • Everyone is committed to helping each other
  • There is a lot of training here
  • Your co-workers are the biggest asset
  • Mentoring is ongoing; your team answers texts even when they’re off work
  • There is a real sense of community in the organization; we are one giant team
  • I was blown away by the level of support from supervisor to team lead; everyone is awesome!

“You feel really good at the end of every day.”

There are some parts of this job that make working here a little different than a typical workplace.

  • You’re not stuck in the same spot everyday – there’s a lot of freedom
  • You’re not always in crisis mode as can be the case in other social service types of employment
  • Staff are always motivating each other to do better and think outside the box
  • This is not a boring job!
  • It’s fun to talk about your day
  • Your day is an open book; one day I put together a BBQ and fought for someone to have citizenship
  • Many things that we do transfer to other parts of our lives, which is so valuable when you need those skills
  • Small things often make a big difference
  • You can do this job how you want to do it; you’re not restricted to only doing things a certain way – there are many ways to be creative
  • A lot of times your work is doing something you personally love to do