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Bee Successful

Welcome To Our Employment Service!

Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley operates an employment service: Bee Successful. This service is focused on matching people of any age who have a disability with a good work environment. The service includes the following:

Employment Matching

We specifically match employees to vacancies. As an agency that knows disabilities, we have a good sense of what type of employee works best in certain work environments. We also know the questions to ask both employers and potential employees to create matches that are beneficial to both. This saves both parties time and stress in knowing that there is a strategy behind the match.

Coaching + Follow-Up

To ensure a smooth transition in the workplace, we provide job coaching, on-site at the point of hire for the employees. This is at no cost to the employer. We want to ensure a positive match and we are willing to put the effort forth to do that. When the training is complete, our job doesn't end there. We also provide ongoing follow-up in case duties change.

Workplace Inclusiveness

For workplaces that are new to hiring someone with a disability, we can help you with any accommodations that might be needed. Often these are fairly easy to implement, but if you're new to it, it can appear to be a lot of work. We work in this arena every day, and there are many ways to be accommodating - many of which we use ourselves. Our expertise is at your service.

Hiring people can be a time-consuming endeavour, whether they have disabilities or not. For employers, we can alleviate some of that work for you. We will recruit and review potential candidates, plus offer assistance to make that candidate successful with you. Why not take advantage of that opportunity?

If you are a potential candidate and you haven't been successful in the past, or if we turned you away once because we didn't offer this service, come see us. We have the support available to help you and we look forward to helping you "bee" successful.

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