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Full Job Description - CLW

Personal Outcome Measures

  • Maintains an in-depth knowledge of each person supported and their required support/needs.
  • Becomes familiar with how each person supported defines outcomes for themselves, understanding their preferences and priorities in order to tailor supports accordingly.
  • Participates in planning meetings, contributing to the Individual Support Plan for people supported.
  • Assists people supported to achieve identified goals as outlined in plans or otherwise established.
  • Provides information that enables people supported to make informed decisions and choices.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve supports and services.

Health, Wellness and Medication

  • Facilitates and/or accompanies people supported to medical, dental, and other professional appointments as required, communicating any follow-up appointments with the appropriate co-workers when applicable.
  • Provides public health information and assists each person supported in understanding their own health, medications, and medical conditions, reviewing information as necessary.
  • Dispenses, records, and signs for the administration of medication to people supported as per the orders of a health professional, maintaining an understanding of the intended use, side effects and efficacy to help the person supported work towards the best possible health outcome.
  • Supports people in the monitoring of their health, recognition of health changes, and communication of this information to health care professionals in a clinical and timely fashion, recognizing the need for emergency medical assessment/interventions.

Personal Care

  • Provides personal care such as lifting, transferring, toileting, incontinent care/changing, bathing, grooming, dressing, and other personal hygiene practices in a safe, respectful and personalized fashion.
  • Carries out household management duties required, such as laundry, dishes, cleaning, and tidying, to maintain a clean and safe environment both inside and outside the home.
  • Facilitate or complete meal planning, preparation, feeding, and associated clean up as required, with strict adherence to safe food handling techniques.
  • Assists, when necessary, with the creation of and adherence to budgets, management of personal finances, and achievement of financial goals.
  • Provides transportation to people supported as required.

Wellbeing of People Supported

  • Maintains and promotes a safe, enhancing environment for people supported, prioritizing their emotional and physical wellbeing, and contributing to their home and community enjoyment
  • Understands and promotes the rights and responsibilities of people who receive support.
  • Assists people to develop adaptive skills using positive, personalized approaches.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of, and adherence to behavioral approaches and best practices outlined by the organization.
  • Is knowledgeable of standards set by the organization in terms of POM, and ensures these are maintained or improved.
  • Encourages self-expression, autonomy, and personal development among all people supported.
  • Possesses a duty to disclose signs, symptoms and suspicions of abuse and neglect of individuals supported.
  • Identifies and addresses any restrictive measures or practices and presents any information necessary for review of restrictions.

Social Integration and Community Involvement

  • Assists people supported to establish non-paid, natural relationships resulting in increased social capital (ex: friends, family or volunteers).
  • Supports the development and maintenance of social networks for people receiving services, promoting the involvement of friends, family, and other community members in their lives.
  • Pursues resources available in the community and liaises with groups, employers, and members to promote participation of people supported in professional, recreational, and social activities.
  • Facilitates the formation of relationships, development of skills, and involvement in activities.
  • Offers community-based choices when facilitating activities for individuals supported.
  • Assists in the creation and pursuit of diverse, meaningful, and personalized goals.

Other Responsibilities

  • Remains knowledgeable of all personal needs, protocols, preferred and best practices, verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, and Individual Support Plans, implementing and adhering to all plans and protocols effectively and appropriately.
  • Remains current and informed regarding organizational information, including emergency procedures.
  • Demonstrates an effective use of technology.
  • Demonstrates sound understanding and application of concepts related to NCI/CPI, participating in refresher training as required.
  • Completes essential job duties in a thorough and detailed manner.

Additional responsibilities may be required of the CLW as operational needs change. Such additional needs will be discussed between employee and employer. Responsibilities outside the existing scope of the role will be negotiated.