Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley894 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario K8A 5P8
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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

That all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community and have the opportunity to participate effectively.

Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley envisions a society where all rights, both legal and human, are afforded every citizen without discrimination, and, where every person is supported in their efforts to become participating, respected members of society.

The fulfillment of this vision will have ensured that all people are welcomed and supported in their community:

  • That all community services are available to every citizen;
  • That people can aspire to and have the opportunity to work towards a career of their choice, real work for real pay, and fair recognition of accomplishment;
  • That people have the opportunity to retire and enjoy the lifestyle and activities of their own choosing;
  • That, as adults, people choose where, how and with whom they live;
  • That children live in nurturing and supportive family-like environments and enjoy the benefits of family life;
  • That children attend their regular neighbourhood school in age appropriate classes with their peers, from pre-school through to post-secondary;
  • That educational programs are challenging and tailored to the individuals.

Because of the quality of our lives is so dependent upon how, when, where and with whom we are free to live, love, learn, work and spend our personal time, fulfillment of our community responsibilities will have ensured that people are free and have the necessary empowerment to enable them to:

  • Enjoy, develop and maintain whatever relationships they find meaningful;
  • Make choices/decisions in self-defined terms from a wide range of options;
  • Receive appropriate support when desired.

Our Mission

To foster the development of welcoming communities through:

  • Providing supports and services based on each person's uniqueness and self-determination so they may enjoy safe, secure, and rewarding lives;
  • Enriching community life by developing community capacity and partnerships.
  • Opportunities for stakeholders to learn and take leadership;
  • Promoting and celebrating diversity through public education and promotion of inclusion and community living;
  • Leadership in human rights advocacy; and
  • Eliminating physical, attitudinal and societal barriers to full citizenship 

Our Values and Commitments

While moving towards accomplishing these areas, Community Living will adhere to these values. The organization's implementation strategies will look to augment funding sources and enhance partnerships and commitments:

  1. Ensure the concepts "exploring options"  and "informed choice" are the basis for decision-making by individuals supported by CLUOV.
  2. Reinforce a clear understanding that CLUOV will not support segregated initiatives and activities and ensure our focus is on individualization and inclusivity.
  3. Investigate partnerships and collaborations with local and regional organizations as the first option for change. We believe together we are better!
  4. Research and introduce new revenue streams including base funding, fees-for-service, grants and fundraising.