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Employment Solutions

We Have Employees!

Community Living exists to help individuals with intellectual disabilities be included in the community. There is a belief that when people have an intellectual difference, that they are somehow less able to contribute in an employment role. Yet, the employers who have become involved with us have learned that intellectual differences are not an obstacle to valuable employment.

We have individuals who work full-time positions, part-time positions and casual or on-call positions. They work in the service industry, food and beverage, transportation, retail and municipal government. Here are some ideas of how you might employ someone who is connected to Community Living:

Administrative & Small Job Tasks
As an employer, there are many small jobs that are required at your workplace. These are jobs that match the abilities of individuals connected with Community Living. Some examples include:

  • a coffee and mail run
  • weekly or monthly filing or organizing
  • deliveries (walking/cycling/driving)
  • inventory counts and stock checks
  • shredding and recycle packaging

Many of our employed clients get their start by doing a combination of administrative jobs (watering plants, mail runs, deliveries, stocking, etc.) before being moved into roles with more tasks and greater responsibilities.

Trades & Labour-Related Work
Several of our clients enjoy working with their hands or being "out of the office" for employment. Some of the jobs that individuals have been involved with in the trades and labour-related work include:

  • automotive garage assistants (labeling, tool clean-up, assisting mechanics, etc.)
  • horticultural work (planting, watering and general maintenance)
  • transportation  yard work and pick-ups
  • property maintenance
  • retail work in hardware, automotive and other trades

Employment Examples

Josh Woermke has worked for Cassidy's Transfer & Storage for many years. He started there as a high school co-op student and the company hired him on after his co-op into a full-time position. Josh has his forklift license and does a variety of errands for the company. Officially, his title is "Jack of all Trades!" Josh has been with Cassidy's for 10 years and is one of two individuals from Community Living who are employed there.

Jeff Shand has worked at Fresco's Cafe Grill since 2000. His role with the busy restaurant has grown over the years to include: receiving, catering, scheduling and assisting with events. This is in addition to his full-time role of kitchen and food preparation.

William Shea works for RMI - Ryan's Maintenance. He was initially hired to sweep the floors and look after general clean-up and tool returns, but it wasn't long before some of the staff noticed that William had additional skills. He now completes oil changes, power-washes the equipment and re-organizes the tools for a more efficient workplace. In addition, he was put in charge of converting the tool chest to metric measurement organization.

Our Bee Successful Initiative

Bee Successful is an employment solutions agency for people with disabilities in our local region. We work with employers and employees to ensure a good fit for employment, whether casual, part-time or full-time positions.

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