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Inclusive Housing Options

Inclusion: It all starts at home

It was only in 1999 when the Government of Ontario officially closed institutions that were built to house people who had intellectual disabilities. Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley was an early adopter of having their residents stay in the community and provisions were made for group living to help keep local people out of the institutions. That opportunity worked well and became a model that helped other agencies across Ontario bring people back home.

Now, CLUOV is once again taking a leadership role in the next stage of full inclusion.

CLUOV has been working with landlords, home builders, apartment complex owners and leasing companies to give people with intellectual disabilities the choiceon where they live. Full inclusion really does start at home, and for people who are able to live independently, CLUOV wants to facilitate that.

The experience has been very positive as CLUOV has helped people they support with apartment living and senior residence living. The outcomes have also been positive in the quality of life for people supported through Community Living. Being able to experience and succeed with independent living is building confidence in people to push themselves to do even more on their own and still having CLUOV available for support when they need it.

For property owners and managers who are looking for long-term, reliable tenants, CLUOV would like to hear from you and work on a current or future partnership. please contact Executive Director Chris Grayson, at 613-735-0659 ext.104 or