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Learning Exchange 2024

31 Days of Inclusion Campaign

"31 Days of Inclusion" is a campaign organized by Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley (CLUOV) to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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Being a Developmental Services Worker

Ever wonder what it is like to be a Developmental Service Worker in Lanark or Renfrew County? Check out this video featuring:

  • Barb Woods - Community Services Manager
  • Kelly MacFarlane - Developmental Service Worker
  • Henry Brodofske - Developmental Service Worker
  • Tina Williams - Executive Director
  • Natasha Aube - Developmental Service Worker
  • Kristen Ritchie - Developmental Service Worker
  • Simon Fero - Developmental Service Worker

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Never Forgotten, Never Again

Never Forgotten, Never Again is a short film featuring brave people who kindly shared some of their experiences in institutions and the community. We are so thankful to have these six share their stories and represent the history of so many more, opening our eyes to what should never be forgotten so we can learn from the past.

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