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Full Job Description - Sleep/Nights CLW

The Sleep/Nights CLW will assist the Community Living Worker with all of the responsibilites outlined on the Community Living Worker page as required, in addition to completing the following household duties:

A) Cleaning

  • Assists in the development of, and adherence to a routine cleaning schedule.
  • Performs various cleaning duties including cleaning bathrooms, floors, counters, and other surfaces; properly disposing of sanitary, personal hygiene, and incontinence products and general garbage; and dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing in accordance with the cleaning schedule or as assigned by the CLW or supervisor.
  • Assists individuals with personal laundry, changing linens, and the management of seasonal decorations as required.
  • Ensures all entrances and walkways are free of obstructions, and assists with general property upkeep.
  • Cleans equipment such as urinals, wheelchairs, and walkers for example, required for the care of people supported.
  • Maintains the appearance and sanitation of all areas in the home in accordance to regulatory health and safety standards.

B) Maintenance

  • Remains knowledgeable about the safe use, storage and maintenance of household cleaning equipment and products, handling hazardous materials in accordance with WHMIS regulations.
  • Monitors rooms, halls, and general household equipment, recording, reporting and addressing safety hazards, equipment/furniture damage, or maintenance needs.
  • Conducts routine checks of home systems (ex: heating, cooling, monitoring, alarm, and emergency lighting systems) while on shift.

C) Dietary Needs and Inventory

  • Purchases and orders groceries in accordance with the individual dietary needs, budget, and preferences of the person supported.
  • Assists in the development and maintenance of personal inventories for people supported.
  • Maintains accurate records of expenditures, budgets and receipts.
  • Conducts regular inventory of stock to ensure adequate food and supplies for the person supported.
  • Prepares and serves food in accordance with individual dietary plans, the Canada Food Guide, and any other formal menus that are put in place.
  • Stores food safely, monitoring expiry dates.