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From Presence to Citizenship Event

2nd Annual Learning Exchange

Executive Director, Chris Grayson was the chair of the From Presence to Citizenship’s Learning Exchange. This is an annual event that features nationally and internationally recognized speakers and breakout sessions that features leaders (champions) of transformation that share their best practices and success stories from knowledge-transfer.

The group hosted its second annual Learning Exchange: To a Culture of Inclusion at the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport, February 7-8, 2018 with 245 registrants in attendance.

The conference received great feedback from attendees, with many enjoying the four speakers (David Pitonyak, Julie Malette, Lynne Seagle and Peter Leidy). Executive Directors from other Community Living agencies also participated on a group panel; each provided a brief overview of their agency’s transformation projects, obstacles and challenges they faced as they moved towards inclusion, and their own personal success stories.


Lynne Seagal delivered a keynote on supporting people to lead lives they choose and the power of participatory management. This session covered one organization’s journey of closing all of its group homes and moving to a service where everyone is supported in their own home.

Peter Leidy spoke on "Creating Momentum: New ways to build relationships and communities." Leidy used improv comedy to provide take-aways such as: generating more creative ideas, creating and sustaining momentum, deep listening skills, increasing stakeholder engagement and approaching change differently.

David Pitonyak presented on mindfulness and our habitual ways of thinking management. This keynote examined the ways in which we sometimes get trapped in habitual ways of thinking that prevent us from
paying attention to what really matters.

Julie Malette spoke on developing a person-centred culture. Being person-centred with staff and
using person-centred organizational practices in job design, recruitment and selection, supervision and performance planning create a culture of person-centredness that leads to person-centred supports.

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